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Tannen & Associates is a merchant bank card services company. We specialize in:

  • POS systems for both the hospitality and retail sector
  • “disappearing inventory” control and recapture
  • Loss Recovery analysis
  • Cost Reduction in credit card processing fees
  • PCI compliance and data security

Ask yourself the following questions to see if any of these situations apply to your business:

  • Are you angry over the ever-increasing fees you pay Visa and MasterCard for accepting credit cards at your place of business?
  • Are you concerned about retaining your customers in the face of more competition?
  • Are you frustrated with the constant fight against increased price pressure and margin erosion?
  • Are you looking for ways to manage your business more effectively, while reducing the time you have to spend trying to keep up with daily business operations?
  • Are you aware that should your company be the victim of a data breach, and you were found NON-PCI COMPLIANT at the time of that breach, you could be subject to fines and the possible loss of your ability to accept credit cards?

If you’re not happy with your response to any of the above questions, then please take the time to find out if Tannen & Associates could be the answer to solving these problems for your company. Our clients include small brick and mortar businesses, non-profit organizations, and multi-million dollar corporations. Whether your needs are large or small, Tannen & Associates has a remarkable track record of providing a full range of products and services to support any business.

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