Lighthouse Tool

Lighthouse Tool

Lighthouse – The Ultimate Management And Reporting Communication Tool

The Lighthouse is a management and reporting tool that communicates information between your POS system and our online reporting tool. It eliminates the need for a back-office PC by allowing you to access the information on your POS system from any computer with an Internet connection. Among other features, the Lighthouse enables you to run various real-time reports and even make changes to your menu remotely. The Lighthouse puts you in total control of your business, without being tied to your business!

Access Reports Anywhere, Anytime

View standard POS reports such as sales and labor reports directly on your POS system or from any computer with an Internet connection. In addition to POS reports, you will also have access to reports that pertain to your merchant account, such as statements, chargebacks and deposits. The Lighthouse also gives you access to enterprise reporting so you can track multiple locations. View a breakdown by location or aggregated data. You also have the ability to export data to Excel, delimited text file, or Intuit® Quickbooks®*. The Lighthouse gives you easy access to a top-level view of your business no matter where you are.

Manage Your POS System Remotely

You don’t need to be at your business to make changes to your POS system. Update your menu items or products remotely through the Lighthouse. Simply log on to add, delete or edit items on your POS system. Quickly and easily change an item’s name, description, price or quantity from any computer with an Internet connection.

Easy Access To Help Resources

The Lighthouse offers easy access to support materials directly from your POS system. How-to demonstration videos and quick reference guides are only a click away. If these resources don’t answer your questions, take advantage of instant access to live chat with a technician.

Lighthouse Features
  • Access your top reports right on the POS system or remotely
  • Add, edit or remove menu items remotely
  • View statements, chargebacks and deposits
  • Utilize the internal messaging system
  • View “how-to” demonstration videos and quick reference guides right on the POS system
  • Communicate with the technical support department through the live chat feature